HMO Specialist Management - House of Multiple Occupation 

One of the main advantages of a HMO property is the potential for increased yield. 

However, just like most investments it is important to know that with greater return comes greater effort.

Here at Simply Estates we know that HMOs are high maintenance especially with additional compliance, certifications and administration. Simply Estates have dedicated property managers that will offer a complete service to ensure that your HMO is managed professionally and efficiently. We have over 15 years experience managing HMO portfolios. We will always ensure that you are HMO compliant, but we will do this in the most cost-effective way for you. We take a non-corporate approach to our business, there are no hidden fees, we are landlords like yourself and know what you need.


Applying for a HMO licence can be a particularly stressful and difficult process with a single application taking hours. We will ensure that you hold the correct license for your HMO by filling out all applications required and accompany any council inspection which may be conducted.

Managing Tenants

Selecting tenants who will pay rent and look after your property is key in successful HMO management. We ensure that rooms will not be left empty for long periods of time and will be tenanted with reliable tenants, by carrying out thorough referencing and credit checks.

Looking After the Property

We will look after your property by making sure it is completely compliant

  • Fire door compliance check.
  • Weekly fire alarm test.
  • Maintenance, repairs, renovations and refurbishments.
  • Safety Certificate renewals.
  • Notice boards.
  • Kitchen fire blankets.
  • Window restrictions.
  • Housing Health and Safety Rating System compliance.
  • Utility Management.


We have a close network of local and trusted contractors to handle all repairs, maintenance, renovations and refurbishments, to ensure your property is kept in excellent condition. These contractors regularly work with is on HMOs and therefore understand the requirements that come with HMO maintenance. We will also be the point of contact for all tenants, meaning your weekends and evenings will not be disturbed by tenant maintenance calls! We conduct regular inspections too, maintaining the general condition of the property, ensuring lower maintenance costs in the long term.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further queries you may have.

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